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Guest and Visitor Guidance for a future trip to Ross Lake

Things that you should plan to do to help us keep everyone safe

Ross Lake Resort Dock Access

  • Due to current COVID-19 policies that limit staffing and require our operation to maintain social distancing, access to Ross Lake Resort Docks is limited only to those using Ross Lake Resort services (rentals, water taxi, guests at the Resort).  If State and Federal COVID-19 guidance is updated as a result of improving COVID-19 situation, we will work to lift this policy

Before Your Trip

  • Please make reservations for equipment rentals and water taxi services via our website.  

    • Note that if you would like to visit Ross Lake for a day trip or camping, you still need to reserve equipment prior to arrival.

  • Please stay home if you or someone in your home is sick and displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (notably if you have a fever).

  • For those intending to camp on Ross Lake, a reminder that a backcountry camping permit from the National Park Service is required.


Getting Here

  • Limited ferry service will be operating for the 2021 season for customers using RLR services (e.g.,  cabin guests or overnight equipment usage). SCL will REQUIRE passengers reserve with RLR in advance as there will be limited availability. 


Masks and Face Coverings

  • Face coverings are required on Diablo Lake Ferry. Ross Lake Resort also requires facial coverings for our passenger truck and water taxi boats. Face coverings are also required while in an indoor public space at Ross Lake Resort and while outside and unable to maintain 6 feet of social distancing. 

  • By CDC order and National Park Service policy, face coverings are required on Ross Lake Resort Passenger Trucks, Water Taxi Boats, and in our Office.  Face coverings are also required on our docks when unable to maintain 6 feet of social distancing.  Please note that we are required to adhere to these orders/policies. ​


While at Ross Lake Resort

  • Make your best effort to maintain six feet of social distancing while on the docks and indoors.

  • The capacity of our indoor office will be limited to 6 guests at a time.

  • Historically, we love to catch up with all of you but this year we are asking that you please do not socialize in the Ross Lake office.

  • Avoid entering a guest cabin that is not yours.

  • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, please alert a crew member as we have policies for how to manage the situation.

  • Wash or sanitize hands frequently.

  • We will be operating with approximately half our normal staff level. We want to thank you in advance for your patience while we ensure the top-notch service you are used to in the safest way possible.


What Else to Expect

You will see a lot of the things that you are seeing elsewhere in society as we work to live with COVID-19.  Notably:

  • You will see Ross Lake Resort employees in masks, unless they are outside, maintaining more than six feet of social distancing, and not interacting with anyone.

  • You will see signage reminding everyone of good COVID-19 practices (social distancing, wear a mask when you cannot maintain social distancing, wash your hands).

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