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FAQ's for Ross Lake Resort COVID-19 Operations

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received thus far. We hope this offers some clarity while you are waiting to hear from us!

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Operating Plans

· Why aren’t you opening lodging in June?

o We need to have time to onboard our seasonal staff and ensure everyone is trained on our COVID-19 operating procedures

o We want to demonstrate we can safely operate to support day users and campers before expanding to support lodging

o We want to ensure that the State and the Park have continued to make progress on the phased approach to reopening

· Is it possible that you will end-up opening lodging in June?

We are committed to being flexible and reevaluating our plans. If we believe we can safely open our lodging and do so in a way that is aligned with the reopening guidelines then we will work to do so

· Is it possible that your plans will change and you will re-open the bunkhouses and little cabins?

Yes. We are committed to being flexible and reevaluating our plans based on updated guidance. If the guidance changes, particularly the National Park Service mandatory guidance on crew housing, we will evaluate reopening the Little cabins and Bunkhouses for lodging at that time

· Is there a chance you be imposing any new limits on the number of guests staying in the Peak or Modern cabins?

When we open lodging in July we are hopeful that we will be in Phase 3 of Washington State's Phased Approach to Reopening. Therefore, we would not plan to impose new limits on occupancy for those cabins

· Will fishing season open on time on July 1st?

The opening of the Park and fishing season on the lake is not our decision, however, our expectation and planning assumption is that the season will open on time

· Who set the policy on crew housing?

The National Park Service established specific guidance for crew housing in 2020 in response to COVID-19. We are required to follow this guidance

· What does the crew housing policy say?

The crew housing policy from the National Park Service requires that every crewmember have their own bedroom and bathroom

· Why did you decide to take rental cabins and convert them to crew housing?

We had to comply with the National Park guidelines on crew housing. Our staff usually live in shared communal housing. We must spread these staff out and dedicate a room and bathroom to each staff member. The only way to do this was to use rental cabins for crew housing

· How did you specifically decide to use the Little Cabins and the Bunk House Cabins for crew housing? Why not the other cabins?

We needed to create housing for 5 crew. We chose to use the two Little Cabins as they are the smallest of our rental cabins and thus impact the fewest number of our guests. The decision to use the Bunkhouse cabins to house a single crew member in each was made because the bunkhouses are otherwise particularly conducive to enabling virus transmission due to the open sleeping arrangement (i.e., many people sleeping in close proximity). Also, removing all five of these cabins reduces the number of people we will have at the Resort at any given time which helps decrease the likelihood of virus transmission and, since we will have a limited number of staff this summer, also ensures that we maintain an adequate staff-to-guest ratio to operate safely.

· You said you will have limited crew this summer? How limited? Will this impact anything else?

We will be operating at approximately half of our usual staffing levels this summer. With the reduced lodging we will have in 2020 we believe this staffing level is sufficient to support our operations

· If I have a cancelled reservation you said I would be given priority to pick-up a cancelled reservation. How will that work?

Someone from our team is going to reach-out to you to inquire what dates and cabin types may be of interest to you

· You mentioned camping on the lake. How will that work?

The National Park is working to reopening camping on the lake. When open, a permit is required to camp. We are working with the Park to determine if there is a way we can help facilitate our displaced guests getting access to these permits. We will update you when we know more

· You mentioned possibly being open in November. How will that work?

We are considering extending our season into November to be open for guests who have had reservations cancelled. Someone from our team will be reaching-out to impacted guests to determine interest level. If we are able to accommodate this please note that fishing will likely be closed in November

· Will these policies be in place for 2021?

We plan to return to normal operations in 2021, COVID-19 issues permitting

· What other COVID-19 policies will be in place to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

We have developed a detailed set of policies and procedures that are aligned with CDC, NPS and Washington state guidance. We believe these policies and procedures will enable us to operate safely in a manner to protect our crew and guests. Similar to policies that you have seen elsewhere, our policies will focus on social separation and good cleaning/hygiene practices. We will be communicating more details about these policies as we get closer to summer

· Will the ferry run on its usual schedule?

We are actively working with Seattle City Light on the plans for Ferry operations this summer. We will have an update as soon as possible

· Will we be required to wear a face covering?

In certain situations/environments we will be asking guests to use face coverings. Specifically, when on our passenger truck or on a water taxi boat – including “The CAT” – we will be asking crew and guests to wear face coverings. We will be providing face coverings to all guests for their use. We will also be encouraging the use of face coverings while inside our office. We will provide more details as we get closer to opening

· Will your cabin cleaning procedure change?

Yes. Our cabin cleaning procedure when changing over a cabin from one party to the next was already very thorough. We have enhanced the procedure even more due to COVID-19 to include the use of a sanitization wand that is the same approach used by airlines and major hotel chains

· Will hand sanitizer be available?

Yes. We are sourcing hand sanitizer and it will be available for your use before/after passenger truck ride, water taxi rides, and while in the office

· What medical supplies do you have onsite? What are your plans if someone gets sick?

We have multiple fully stocked first aid kits, an AED, as well as key tools used to help monitor symptoms of coronavirus (forehead thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor). We also have a procedure in place for how to respond to a suspected COVID-19 case

· Will the lake be full this year?

Yes. The forecast is for the lake to be full this year

· Will camping be open on the lake this year?

The National Park Service is currently working on a phased approach to reopening the Park, including camping. You can stay-up to date on the status of North Cascades National Park Service Complex at https://www.nps.gov/noca/index.htm

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Ross Lake Resort and COVID-19

We are currently planning for a season at Ross Lake Resort this summer.  COVID-19 has changed how we live our day-to-day lives dramatically but we are striving to keep Ross Lake operating through this pandemic.  We all need a little something to look forward to now, what better than an escape to Ross Lake!

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