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Ross Lake Resort 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

What a year 2020 was… Looking Forward to Better Times!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused health and economic impacts to so many, and we hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. Last season was a challenge for our operation, as it was for many, and we are grateful for the incredible support we received from our clients. We are looking forward to a fun 2021 season and are certain that better times are ahead but, for now, COVID policies will require us to open under modified operations.

We would like to extend our gratitude for the support we received from you last year. Many of you had cabin reservations that were canceled due to COVID policies that delayed our opening and restricted our staff housing. Those of you who were able to make the trip were amazing in helping us adhere to COVID policies so that we could operate safely. In addition, because of housing restrictions, our staffing level was 40% less than normal yet we had a record number of day users and campers come to the lake looking to escape the city. This challenged us to be able to provide our usual level of customer service. Despite these challenges, many of which impact you, we received an amazing amount of support from folks genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of our team and operation. We greatly appreciate the kindness and support.

The deployment of the COVID vaccines gives hope that society will soon be back to normal. However, for now, we are still required to adhere to COVID policies that will restrict our operations. We are working very closely with our colleagues in the National Park Service (NPS) to ensure our operations adhere to NPS COVID requirements and to ensure we stay up-to-date as the requirements evolve. Current COVID requirements & impacts include:

  • NPS housing guidance has eased from last season but, importantly, still requires each crew member to have their own bedroom. We are required to adhere to this policy and it impacts the number of cabins that we will be able to open:

    • We will be able to re-open our Little Cabins

    • For now, our Bunkhouse Cabins will need to remain closed

  • Per NPS and CDC mandates, masks are still required on our trucks, water taxi, and in the office. Masks are also required outside in our marina if social distancing cannot be maintained.

  • The Seattle City Light ferry will again be operating on a modified schedule with restrictions limiting the number of passengers and gear volume.

  • Please visit our COVID-19 website to stay up-to-date on our COVID policies.

To our clients who have Bunkhouse reservations, we know that you have already missed a reservation last season and we are very disappointed we cannot reopen those cabins at this point. Please know that we are in weekly contact with our NPS colleagues to monitor the situation. If the requirements are eased, we have a plan to rapidly reopen the bunkhouses. As with last year, if your Bunkhouse reservation ends up being canceled due to COVID, you will be given priority for any other cabin cancellations that occur this season and will also have your Bunkhouse reservation automatically moved to 2022.

We are currently working with our colleagues at Seattle City Light (SCL) who operate the Diablo Lake Ferry Service. SCL will also be required to adhere to COVID policies that will make the ferry operate similarly to last season. The schedule has not yet been finalized, so please monitor our COVID-19 website for more information. Our ‘Key Tips’ will remain:

  • Hike in if you are able

  • Limit your amount of gear (SCL will be limiting gear on the ferry this season)

  • Let our office know how you plan to arrive

Keep an eye on your inbox for your confirmation containing your reservation and deposit information. Deposits are due May 14, 2021. For updated rates keep an eye on our website. If you have questions, changes, or need to cancel your reservation please contact us as soon as possible with your updates.

Resort Email: questions@rosslakeresort.comOffice Phone Number: 206-486-3751

Important Reminders!

COVID-19 didn’t slow us down from putting together a great project list this winter. The Legend himself – Tom Barnett – has signed up (with minimal begging) to help us prepare for opening, including making plans for how we can rapidly re-open the Bunkhouses. The crew has been working on more Adirondack chairs, rehabbing floats, updating cabin interiors with new linens, dishes, and furniture. We are also adding five new rental boats and motors to the fleet and (most importantly) have updated our website!

We know many of you – not unlike ourselves – refer to Ross Lake as your “Happy Place.” We are grateful for your continued support during these COVID times and are appreciative of your understanding of the policies that we must adhere to.

The Ross Lake Resort team is honored to help our community access the National Park and we look forward to seeing you so soon!

Please stay safe and healthy,

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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